If I was a flower


Petals, Colours, grace..

Although I was in that location for my b2b meetings about coffee, I had the opportunity to discover an elegant point of view for considering respect for flowers.

I love flowers like most people does.

Being fond of flowers or plants means look after them, sometimes speak with them and always noticing their beauty. But, there is something more. More exciting, more sensitive and less material.

Ikebana is the art of flowers arrangement. It comes from Japan and it is considered a philosophy.

My curiosity had totally been captured by the orange elegant flowers. They are called Gloriosa (the gorgeous flower in my hands). Therefore, I started chatting with a so nice woman whose kindness seemed to be part of her from her insight.

Yuka Okubo is from Tokyo and she introduced me not only herself and her life, but also Ikebana concept.

She is following this track with her sister Yasuka and her family.

It rarely happens .. I saw someone touching flowers as a precious crystal stalk.

I loved that perspective so I couldn’t avoid listening to her very carefully.

There is a link between soul and flowers because both are alive and they can create a link, a sort of exchange of energy. I mean positive energy. Moreover flowers arrangement is art expression like for painting or writing.


Thanks to this unscheduled, curious and magic meeting, I could discover something so powerful and positive.

It has changed my perspective.


Here are Yuka and Ikebana Atrium contacts.

http://www.ikebana-atrium.com and Fb page

Take a look and also find out more about Ikebana art.


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