Positive Energy? Yes, by Powerful Masterpieces

Un po’ di energia positiva di fronte ad un’Opera d’arte

Merci maître sculpteur pour avoir réaliser cette chef d’oeuvre il y a 3000 ans


Princesse pour aujourd’hui?

Might I feel like a princess please?

I was there, into kinda historical place everybody knows as one of the most important museum that once was residence of powerful people.

Its sensible grounds have been built by Filippo II at the end of XII century.

From 1793 it began its role as “Muséum central des arts de la République” and lots of paintings, statues, artifacts have been carefully stored into.

I was there several times, but I always have the same feelings in front of the “Victoire de Samothrace”. It is the most powerful masterpiece for me.

It fill me up of energy, positive energy and I can’t stop thinking about how long past since it has been carved.

What did those masters think while carving?

How long did they take? How could they be so accurate in creating its gown moved by the wind.

And, what about its wings?

Perfection in elegance and freedom.

I suggest everyone to go there and spend a while… Take your time.

Just breathe and think about its power.


It is very easy to get its respect for present, past and future.

Merci maître sculpteur pour avoir réaliser cette chef d’oeuvre il y a 3000 ans.

I was there on Nov 13th.

Some news for you.. open your mind for different languages too 😉

FR.. http://www.louvre.fr/oeuvre-notices/victoire-de-samothrace

IT.. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Museo_del_Louvre

EN.. http://www.discoverfrance.net/France/Paris/Museums-Paris/Louvre.shtml


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